Eralieva Umutkan (Kyrgyzstan)

Late, but the happiness has arrived:
– I will tell you my secret, my way.
It says the happiness, taking my wrists,
– I want to scare the “sluggish” dreams away.

It all seemed to be handed out as it should be.
And I was the only one who was left out,
No matter what I asked, I didn’t have the key…
The dream didn’t come true, it was in doubt.

Life is like a camel’s hump, and it’s true,
Life as a wild hawk, then like a nightingale.
I turned my feelings into ice, I got so blue,
I didn’t believe in people, in a magic tale.

Fate sifted us through the sieve,
I didn’t stop trying and gained strength.
From the bad days, only resentment remains,
The good days passed as a fairy tale,
But without the length.

A hole in the bottom – hope is empty,
I’ve mended all my life’s flaws.
And no matter how much I endured suffering,
I waited for happiness, but without applause.

I didn’t give up my efforts, even though I was sad,
Suffered in humiliation, pain, and anger,
Luckily, life changed – the moment have come,
Happiness has arrived, not the sorrowful tears.

The morning after the night is back again,
The withered grass of longing has burned away,
Happiness has come, no blemishes, no wormholes,
Despite troubles, my soul and heart rejoice and play.

Only the patient wins in our life
Who believes in purpose, walks confidently,
You turn to a corner there is a victory awaits,
The sky doesn’t always rain gray,
Happiness may come suddenly.

By Eralieva Umutkan (Kyrgyzstan

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