Happy Birthday Sheikh Rifad Mahmud

Today is Sheikh Rifad Mahmud’s birthdayToday 17th August is the birthday of social entrepreneur, youth organizer, columnist and publisher of Bangladesh Chitra Sheikh Rifad Mahmud. Sheikh Rifad Mahmud was born in a noble Muslim family in Singra Upazila of Natore.

Rifad was nominated for the Nobel Children’s ‘International Children’s Peace Prize’ in 2021 for his contribution to social activities. In September of that year, Rifad received the World Youth Leader Award at the World Youth Conference in Kathmandu, an initiative of the Youth Parliament in collaboration with the Nepalese government and international diplomatic organizations.

Rifad’s father Sheikh Md. Rakibul Islam said that Rifad has been keenly interested in political and social activities since childhood. Since then he has been associated with social activities. He was aware of children’s education and rights. From a young age, he tried to help other children with educational materials.

Currently Sheikh Rifad Mahmood is associated as Chairman of SRI Welfare Foundation. Sheikh Rifad Mahmud of Bangladesh was appointed as a member of the advisory board of Global Student Forum, a global organization of students established in Brussels, Belgium in May this year. He is currently serving as an advisor on environmental development and justice to the Global Student Forum.

Rifad is also a board member of the Working Group on Health and Reproductive Affairs at the Inter-Agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crisis (IAWG), a US-based international organization. He is also involved as a member of the Youth Forum of the Organization of Islamic Corporations (YC), Yongo, the official child and youth affairs body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Currently Rifad is studying Computer Science. He regularly writes columns in national newspapers on political and contemporary contexts.

Sheikh Rifad Mahmud has asked for prayers from everyone on his birthday.

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